The Ball Badminton Federation of Asia(BBFI) is recognized by the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) as the National governing body for the sport of Ball Badminton in india.

The BBFI is empowered by the IOA and the BBFI 32 Members to govern the sport of Ball badminton – 28 of these Members are State Ball Badminton Associations under the State Olympic Association & Sports Directorate.

The BBFI has its headquarters in BHILAI, CHATTISGARH.


To became a best and most popular racket game in India


To be the best racquet sport in terms of administration, TV and spectator appeal and as a sport for people of all ages, skill level and cultural backgrounds.


To deliver quality services, class events and innovative development initiatives which showcase the sport at the highest levels and increase the active participation in Ball badminton at all levels Nationalwise.